Estimating Costs and Allocating Resources

Here are a few resources that can be useful in estimating costs for ID projects.

Estimating Costs and Time in Instructional Design.  This article provides a comprehensive analysis of factors to consider when developing your training budget, along with examples and a case study.  I particularly like the table with percentages of time for each training development task, for example, the percent of time allocated to develop the analysis of the lesson versus the prototype of the lesson.

Time to Develop One Hour of Training – I find this article helpful for its identification of factors that can reduce instructional development time.  I also like the survey results chart that breaks down training hours estimates into various categories; such as, level of interactivity in a web based instruction from limited to high interactivity, and each with its own estimation of development hours.

Why eLearning Development Ratios Can be Hazardous to Your Career – This is a great article that advises caution in using e-learning development hour ratios, and discusses factors you need to consider.

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3 thoughts on “Estimating Costs and Allocating Resources

  1. Marta,

    I also liked the table with the percentages of time for development task. This appeared to be right on track with my own experience. I found your last article very interesting and will keep these items in the back of my mind while developing E-Learning material.

    Thank you for your post,


  2. Marta,
    I was surpised to see so many resources out there. It makes me feel a bit more comfortable when thinking about going into the field. I especially like the article with the example chart to give you a jumping off point for tasks. Nice job!
    Mary Ann

  3. Hi Marta,

    I found the estimated times helpful as well. I’ve create instructor led courses and converted PPT to online and those numbers look very reasonable when compared to my actual times.

    I’ve added this info to my database of stuff I might need to know some day.

    Great post,

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